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Meet Recordly: experience the award-winning,
world's first unified audio & video intelligence solutions.

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What We Do

Speak. Transcribe. Translate. Illuminate.

Meet Recordly: experience the award-winning,
world's first unified audio & video intelligence solutions.


Effortlessly capture and analyze spoken content in real-time. Transform your voice into actionable insights.

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Convert audio and video recordings into accurate text with ease. Enhance accessibility and documentation.

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Break language barriers with instant translations. Connect globally with multilingual support.

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Uncover hidden patterns and insights from your audio and video data. Empower your decisions with detailed analysis.


Why Recordly?

Why Recordly?

Why Recordly?



Lower WER in 100 languages
High-quality transcription and translation
AI+human workflow to get to 100% quality
Evaluation/automatic scoring

Unified video & audio intelligence

Unified video & audio intelligence

Single tool to answer all your needs: Live events and/or pre-recorded content produce full transcripts, time-coded caption files, intuitive human editor, AI insights and more. 
Code switching / Live multilingual communication
Integrated with popular meeting platforms like Google, Zoom, Microsoft

Deep expertise in AI models

Deep expertise in AI models

Highly optimized AI models based on OSS Emotion detection Voice synthesizer Continuous improvements with new models/ API capabilities platform image

Our Products

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Tired of spending hours transcribing audio recordings manually?

Meet Recordly – the ultimate solution for lightning-fast, accurate transcriptions that revolutionize your workflow. With Recordly, you can effortlessly convert speeches, meetings, and interviews into text with remarkable precision. Our advanced AI understands nuances and context in over 100 languages, ensuring your transcriptions are not just fast, but also insightful and reliable. Here’s how it works

translation for live event and meeting
live translation


Recordly Live

Are you tired of manually transcribing your virtual meetings?

Meet Recordly Live - the ultimate solution for live events, captioning, dubbing and interpretations. With Recordly Live, you can now seamlessly transcribe live conversations on platforms like Zoom, Microsoft Teams, and Google Meet in real-time. Here’s how it works:

meet recordly api
solution for developer


Recordly API

Ready to transform your workflow?

Meet Recordly API - the ultimate solution for integrating advanced, real-time transcription into your own applications. Enhance your services with the power of Recordly’s accurate, context-aware AI transcription, available in over 100 languages.


Our References

Top executives and best teams around the world use Recordly

  • Sarah T.

    Communications Director, Global Technology Company

    “As a global corporation, Recordly has revolutionized our meeting efficiency. Their transcription accuracy and multi-language support have been invaluable for our international team."

  • Prof. James L.

    University Dean, Ivy League University

    "Recordly has been a game-changer for our online courses. Their transcriptions have made our content more accessible, benefiting a diverse student body."

  •  Dr. Emily R.

    Chief Medical Officer, Major City Hospital

    "In our clinic, accurate patient records are crucial. Recordly’s transcription service has not only saved us time but also improved our record accuracy."

  • John D.

    Senior Partner, Global Law Firm

    "For legal documentation, precision is key. Recordly has consistently provided us with accurate and reliable transcriptions of court proceedings."

  •  Liam S.

    Market Research Analyst, Marketing Solutions Company

    "Using Recordly to transcribe our focus groups has significantly improved our market research analysis. It’s efficient and remarkably accurate."

  • Maria G.

    Producer, Independent Film Studio

    "Recordly’s transcription and subtitling services have opened our content to a broader audience, including those with hearing impairments. Their quick turnaround time is a huge plus for our tight schedules." 

  • Zoe K.

     Podcast Host

    "As a podcaster, reaching a wider audience is crucial. Recordly has helped us achieve that by providing accurate transcripts of our episodes."

  • Derek W.

    HR Manager, Global Tech Enterprise

    "Recordly has streamlined our training process by providing clear and accurate transcriptions of our training sessions. This has been a huge help in creating more inclusive training materials."

  • Tina M.

    Customer Service Manager, Online Retail Giant

    "Transcribing our customer service calls with Recordly has helped us gain deeper insights into customer needs and improve our service quality."

  • Anna J.

    Accessibility Services Nonprofit

    "Recordly’s transcription service has been integral in making our materials accessible to clients with various disabilities. Their commitment to accuracy and speed is commendable."

  • Megan Q.

    Market Research Director at Global Consumer Insights Agency

    "Recordly’s feature of extracting AI-generated insights from our market research transcripts has been revolutionary. It’s like having an additional analyst on our team, providing quick, actionable insights from hours of focus group discussions. This has significantly streamlined our analysis process and improved our ability to make data-driven decisions."


recordly nvidia inception program

Recordly joins NVIDIA Inception Program!

Recordly has been accepted into NVIDIA's prestigious Inception Program! This significant milestone marks a new chapter in our mission to revolutionize transcription services with cutting-edge AI technology.

recordly event tech live winner

Recordly Triumphs at ETL Vegas 2024: Wins Best Product Award!

Recordly proudly took the top spot at ETL Vegas 2024, earning the prestigious title of Best Product. This accolade reflects Recordly's commitment to innovation and excellence in the field of audio and video intelligence.

recorldy nab show product of the year

Recordly Wins Best AI & Machine Learning Product at NAB Show 2024!

Recordly was crowned Best AI & Machine Learning Product of the Year at NAB Show 2024, solidifying its position as a leader in cutting-edge technology.