Empower Your Workflows with Recordly API

Seamless Integration, Limitless Possibilities

Enhance your workflows with Recordly API, integrating closed captioning, translation, audio description, and live captioning seamlessly. Our comprehensive documentation, including tutorials, code samples, and FAQs, supports all developers. Recordly API offers high-accuracy transcription, real-time multilingual support, audio intelligence, and speech synthesis.

At Recordly API, we are committed to breaking down communication barriers and making information accessible to everyone. Our cutting-edge technology is designed to provide the highest level of accuracy, security, and usability, ensuring that your audio data is transformed into valuable, actionable insights.

  • Comprehensive Functionality

    • The Recordly API equips you with the necessary resources for seamlessly integrating our services into your products. It encompasses functionalities such as ordering and posting closed captions, translation, audio description, and live captioning, along with options for customization.

  • Developer-Friendly Documentation

    • Our documentation caters to both novices and seasoned developers, providing a swift and straightforward starting point. Additionally, we provide an array of resources, including tutorials, code samples, and FAQs, to facilitate a deeper understanding of our services

  • Advanced Capabilities

    • Recordly API offers advanced audio transcription and intelligence solutions, including.

  • Live Translate

    • Translate live transcriptions into multiple languages instantly, broadening accessibility and inclusivity.

  • Live Transcription

    • Experience real-time transcription with minimal latency, perfect for live broadcasts, meetings, and events.

  • Translation & Multilingual Support

    • Real-time translation and support for over 100 languages, breaking down language barriers for global accessibility.

  • Audio Intelligence

    • Features like speaker diarization, identification, summarization, content moderation, sentiment analysis, entity detection, topic detection, auto chapters, and key phrases extraction.

  • Speech Synthesis

    • Convert written text into spoken words, and create synthetic voices for personalized virtual assistants and interactive media.

  • Audio Quality Enhancement

    • Noise reduction and echo cancellation to improve audio clarity for communication systems, recordings, and live broadcasts.

  • Future Capabilities

    • Live voice command recognition, voice authentication, music composition, acoustic scene analysis, music genre classification, accent and dialect conversion, and gender and age conversion

Recordly API offers seamless integration for closed captions, translation, audio descriptions, and live captioning, with extensive customization options. It features user-friendly documentation with tutorials and FAQs for all developer levels. Advanced capabilities include high-accuracy transcription, real-time multilingual support, and comprehensive audio intelligence features like speaker identification and sentiment analysis. Future-ready with features like voice command recognition and voice authentication, Recordly API enhances workflows with cutting-edge technology.

Differentiations from Competitors

Comprehensive Resource Kit

High Accuracy and Real-Time Capabilities

Future-Ready Features

Advanced Audio Intelligence

AI Magic

Enhance your workflows with AI Magic, an advanced feature of the Recordly API. Instantly generate content summaries in any language, ensuring quick comprehension and accessibility. Maintain professionalism with safety filtering for appropriate language use. Engage with interactive transcripts for better navigation and understanding. AI Magic also offers custom insights, allowing you to ask questions and retrieve detailed answers in real-time across multiple languages, delivering precise and actionable information.

  • Instant Content Summary

    Generate comprehensive summaries in any language with just a click for quick comprehension.

  • Safety Filtering

    Ensure content appropriateness by filtering language through various perspectives.

  • Interactive Transcripts

    Navigate and engage with transcripts in real-time for enhanced understanding.

  • Custom Insights

    Ask questions and get detailed answers instantly across multiple languages, delivering actionable information.