Transcribe Faster, Smarter, and More Accurately with Recordly

Revolutionize Your Transcription Process

Enhance your content's impact with Recordly, your ultimate solution for transcription, translation, and captioning. Effortlessly upload your audio and video files to Recordly and transform them into accurate, accessible transcriptions and translations. 

  • Superior User Experience

    Enjoy a superior user experience with our intuitive platform, allowing you to customize transcriptions to your needs and export them in various formats.

  • Multi-Language Support

    With support for over 100 languages, simplify your multilingual transcription needs with ease. Elevate your content's impact across diverse audiences, with accurate transcripts and seamless translations.

  • Time-Saving Features

    Save time with features like automatic punctuation, speaker identification, and profanity filtering, accelerating your workflow and project completion.

  • High Accuracy

    Say goodbye to manual transcription work as our state-of-the-art algorithms ensure high accuracy and the lowest WERs (word error rates) in the industry, even in challenging audio conditions.

  • Effortless Workflow

    Experience effortless transcription with Recordly. Easily upload your audio and video files to Recordly.AI and unlock a suite of tools to transcribe and translate your content, ensuring broader accessibility and engagement.

  • Custom Glossaries

    Recordly allows users to create custom glossaries to ensure the accuracy of specific terminology, enhancing consistency across transcriptions and translations.

  • Filler Word Removal

    Automatically removes unnecessary filler words to improve the clarity and professionalism of transcriptions, a feature optimized beyond standard offerings.

  • Real-Time Dubbing

    Seamlessly integrate real-time dubbing into your live events, ensuring participants can follow along in their preferred language without delays.

  • High-Quality Voice

    Benefit from high-quality, natural-sounding voiceovers that adapt to the context and tone of your content.

  • Multi-Language Support

    Access dubbing in over 100 languages, making your events truly global and inclusive.

  • Customizable Voices

    Allows users to choose from a variety of voices for dubbing and narration, providing personalized and professional audio outputs that match the specific tone and style required.

  • AI-Driven Accuracy

    Leverage AI-driven accuracy to ensure clear and precise dubbing, even in noisy environments or with complex terminology.

  • Engagement and Accessibility

    Enhance audience engagement and accessibility by providing real-time voice translations, ensuring everyone can participate fully, regardless of language barriers.

Elevate your content with Recordly, your all-in-one solution for transcription, translation, and captioning services. Easily upload audio and video files to Recordly.AI to transcribe and translate your content, ensuring broader accessibility and engagement across diverse audiences. Maximize the impact of your pre-recorded media content with accurate transcripts and seamless translations, all in one convenient platform.

Differentiations from Competitors

Unified platform for offline content & live streaming

Industry-leading accuracy -  Lowest WER among competitors

True Speaker identification

Word-level timestamps

AI Summary

Safe Language scoring

Custom insights

Versioning support for translations

Accurate Captions in 100 languages

Profanity filters

Translation for 100 languages


AI-Driven Accuracy

Customizable Voices

AI Magic

AI Magic offers instant content summaries and customizable insights in any language, ensuring comprehensive understanding and tailored information. Additionally, it provides safety filtering and interactive transcripts for enhanced content engagement and appropriateness.

  • Instant Content Summary

    Generate a comprehensive summary of the entire content with just a click, in any language, regardless of the original source language.

  • Safety and Filtering

    Evaluate the content for safe language and filter it through various perspectives to ensure appropriateness.

  • Interactive Transcripts

    Engage with the transcript in innovative ways, enhancing interaction and comprehension.

  • Custom Insights

    Create personalized insights from the transcript. Ask questions, retrieve answers, and provide insights for content in any language, delivering results in any language.