Break Language Barriers with Recordly Live

Real-Time Captions & Interpretation for Seamless Communication

Elevate your live events with Recordly Live, offering real-time transcription, translation, captioning, and interpretation. Seamlessly transcribe and translate live conversations on platforms like Zoom, Microsoft Teams, and Google Meet, providing instant interpretations in multiple languages for a global audience.

Elevate your content with Recordly, your all-in-one solution for transcription, translation, and captioning services. Easily upload audio and video files to Recordly to transcribe and translate your content, ensuring broader accessibility and engagement across diverse audiences. Maximize the impact of your pre-recorded media content with accurate transcripts and seamless translations, all in one convenient platform.

  • Real-Time Dubbing

    • Instantly provide voiceovers in multiple languages, ensuring participants can follow along in their preferred language without delays.

  • Live Interpretations

    • Offer simultaneous interpretation for live events, enhancing understanding and engagement for multilingual audiences.

  • Live Transcribe

    • Accurately transcribe live conversations during meetings, webinars, and conferences in real-time.

  • Live Translate

    • Translate live transcriptions into multiple languages instantly, broadening accessibility and inclusivity.

  • Speaker Identification

    • Automatically identify and differentiate between multiple speakers in real-time, ensuring clear and organized transcriptions.

  • Seamless Integration

    • Effortlessly integrate with popular video conferencing platforms like Zoom, Microsoft Teams, and Google Meet, providing a smooth user experience.

  • Custom Insights

    • Generate personalized insights from live transcriptions, enabling users to ask questions, retrieve answers, and derive valuable information.

  • AI-Human Hybrid Model

    • Combine advanced AI technology with human expertise to ensure the highest accuracy and reliability in transcriptions and translations.

  • Enhanced Accessibility

    • Provide live captioning to make virtual meetings more inclusive, accommodating participants with hearing impairments or different language backgrounds.

  • Context-Aware AI

    • Utilize AI that understands context and industry-specific terminology, ensuring accurate and relevant interpretations and transcriptions.

  • Customizable Voices

    • Choose from a variety of voice options for dubbing and narration to match the style and tone of your event, offering a personalized experience.

  • Noise Filtering

    • Advanced AI filters out background noise, ensuring clear and precise transcription even in challenging environments.

  • Minimal Latency

    • Tailored solutions ensure minimal delay in transcriptions and translations, maintaining the flow of live events.

Recordly Live transforms your events with real-time dubbing, live interpretations, and instant transcriptions and translations. Seamlessly integrated with platforms like Zoom, Microsoft Teams, and Google Meet, it offers advanced speaker identification and noise filtering for clear, accurate outputs. The AI-human hybrid model adapts to context and industry terminology, ensuring minimal latency. Users enjoy custom insights, enhanced accessibility with live captioning, and customizable voice options for personalized dubbing, making Recordly Live an essential tool for effective communication across language barriers.

Differentiations from Competitors

Real-time Dubbing

AI-Human Hybrid Model

Live Interpretation

Live Translation

AI Magic

Elevate your live events with AI Magic, a revolutionary feature of Recordly Live. AI Magic transforms how you interact with and extract value from your real-time transcriptions and translations.

  • Instant Content Summary

    Generate comprehensive summaries of your live content with a single click, available in any language. This feature ensures participants quickly grasp key points, regardless of the original language spoken.

  • Safety and Filtering

    AI Magic evaluates live content for safe language and appropriateness, filtering it through various perspectives to maintain a professional and inclusive environment.

  • Interactive Transcripts

    Engage with live transcripts in innovative ways, enhancing interaction and comprehension. This feature allows users to navigate through conversations easily, highlighting critical information as it happens.

  • Custom Insights

    Create personalized insights from live transcriptions. Ask questions, retrieve answers, and generate detailed insights for content in any language. AI Magic delivers these insights in real-time, helping you make informed decisions and enhancing the overall value of your events.